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When Does a Garage Door Turn Dangerous?

06/16/2015 Back To Blog

Mankind has gone a long way since inventing the wheel or discovering fire. Nowadays, we have access to technology that can remotely control household appliances or allow us to contact people from other continents. Since then, garage doors have evolved from being regular manual pull downs to variations with remote controls and movement sensors. Some even respond to unique RFIDs, eliminating the need for openers; people would just drive by and it would open automatically. Having these technological wonders as the ingress and egress point for our vehicles has never made home life easier.When Does a Garage Door Turn Dangerous?

Garage doors may cause injuries

Despite this, there have been several reported injuries caused by electronic garage doors throughout the years including lacerations and broken bones from fingers being caught between section joints, or bumps and bruises from panels held by doors brackets falling for no apparent reason. Sometimes occurrences like this happen after a few years from purchase or during inclement weather when we, ironically, need them to function properly. The logical question to ask therefore is exactly at what point garage doors pose a threat to the security and safety of our homes and families.

The answer: every time. Garage doors have evolved from the simple barriers that they once were, separating our homes from the rest of the outside world. Unlike the conventional door which always have the same mechanics, garage doors now utilize torsion coil trampoline springs or lift mechanisms that require constant attention to ensure smooth performance. Without proper maintenance, your garage door is more likely to malfunction and cause harm or inconvenience during unexpected instances.

Safety should be the number one priority for all home owners and repair and maintenance should be done regularly. Residential and commercial doors should be serviced to ensure their efficient and consistent operation. Any defect in your door part or mechanism should be fixed immediately and maintain their smooth operation by performing constant tests and diagnostics to assess any problem that may require more attention. Engaging our professional services is the key to removing the risk and threat that may come from malfunctioning garage doors.

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