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Amarr Garage Doors

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The Best Amarr Garage Doors


Amarr Garage Doors

The best garage doors are those which provide convenience, safety and security to homeowners based on their own personal requirements. The excellent news is that Amarr covers every single need since it is a master manufacturer of top design and still very durable and safe garage doors. Such combination is what every customer dreams about! Quality plays a huge role for “Garage Door Repair Campbell” which needs to be sure it supplies its customers with top products. We trust the work of Amarr because it presents original designs, innovative technologies and great patented garage door parts for extra strength and safety.

Amarr doors which stand out

Bringing the aura and elegance of the Italian design and the comfort of well-constructed garage doors, the Trento collection makes a huge difference in the market. Its overlap design is unique and allows the full folding of the door. The most extraordinary thing is that it does not make use of garage door springs, tracks and rails. Consequently, these types of doors are much safer and need less maintenance than the regular ones. They come in various styles and allow you to have plenty of space in the garage. They are ideal for limited spaces with a small headroom, sideroom and backroom.

The Classica collection is the pride and joy of Amarr. With steel doors having the appearance of wood, the doors of this collection have the warmth of natural timber and the strengths of steel. They can have large vertical windows and their design copies exactly the old authentic carriage style. There are over one hundred designs, need low maintenance and provide high safety.

With a patented center and high end garage door hinges, pinch protection sections and uniquely designed bottom brackets, safety is guaranteed. Amarr gives the opportunity to consumers to create their own garage door by picking the materials, style and hardware of their preference. This way, you can reinforce the door with the special backer support plates which make sure roller carriers and hinges are secured well. For wind load requirements, Amarr reinforces the door to withstand particular wind pressures in accordance with local building codes.

The Classica collection has doors with energy efficiency ranging from 6.64 to 13.35 r-value while the Trento collection has 10.6 r-value. As a matter of fact, Amarr has many double and triple layer doors for maximum insulation even for wood panels. Although the Classica and Trento collections are distinguished for their design, a plethora of options and durability, the company has many more options among wood, vinyl, glass and steel doors for all tastes and budgets. One thing is for sure: your Amarr garage door will be one of a kind! If you want to find out more about your Amarr options, give us a call!

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