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The best garage door related answers to the most common questions about repair procedures.

Is cleaning important for garage doors?

Naturally, cleaning won't substitute garage door repair but it can help your garage door parts operate better and may stall their wear. Over time tracks get really dirty and elements may indeed keep rollers from sliding properly. Dusty sensors may not be accurate enough and the good cleaning of the panel will not only contribute to the aesthetics of your house but also give you a chance to detect and deal with early signs of rust.

Does moisture threaten wood garage doors?

The truth is that wood garage doors are far more resistant today but moisture is still their number one enemy. Wood might warp and this would create gaps around the door that may compromise your security while the door panel won't have the strength to protect you properly. The specialists at our company recommend preventing such problems with regular garage door maintenance and frequent application of special varnishes, which can keep them resistant.

What horsepower is sufficient for my home opener?

The horsepower of garage door motors depends on the weight of the door. Don't forget that the main focus of all garage door parts including your opener is to lift and lower, keep opened and closed the garage door. So, if you have an average residential garage door, you will probably need ½ horsepower.

If I decide to replace my existing door, should I also change my opener?

If the opener is fine, there is no reason to replace it with a new one, except if the new door is heavier than the old one and for the opener as well. It just has to be strong for the new door.

Should I install a second torsion spring?

If your overhead door is heavy or wide, it's good to have a second torsion spring. It will be helpful in case the first spring breaks. The second one will keep moving the door and so you won't have to rush into fixing the problem. So, it's a good idea to get a second garage door spring and preferably of the same size.

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