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Garage Door OpenersWhile there may be variations in terms of size, budget, and features offered, generally speaking there are three main types of garage door openers. This includes chain drive, belt drive, and screw drive models. Many customers wonder which type is the best, but this will depend entirely on the individual in many cases. There are some types of properties which are better suited to one type over another, and budget is one factor to take into consideration. To get started with learning more about your local options, you can speak to our team of garage door professionals to get a sense of what might work for you.


There are a number of garage door opener brands to choose from, depending on the brand name and type of mechanism used. Some of the most popular brands include:


These all have different features and benefits associated with them, so it can be helpful to go through a product catalogue to see what your various options are. At the same time, you can narrow down the different openers depending on the type. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with every type of garage door opener.


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Chain drive openers, for example, are the cheapest option, making them a budget-friendly solution for garage door openers. Yet they can be quite noisy to operate, because of their metal chain rattling against the garage door track. A quieter solution is the belt drive opener, which replaces the metal chain with a rubber belt. However, these are more expensive, which is an issue if you are trying to keep costs as low as possible. A happy medium that many homeowners choose is the screw drive, which operates a little bit differently. It has a lifting device which runs along a steel rod, and requires less maintenance than the other two options.

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