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Choose the Right Garage Door Rollers

01/13/2014 Back To Blog

The right choice of garage door rollers will determine whether they will last for eight years or just for eight weeks. Although, rollers do not bear alone the weight of the door panel, they still need to be strong and resistant. After all, their good rolling in the tracks will ensure the door will close and open all the way and the movement will be smooth and not noisy. These garage door parts might be small but don't make the mistake to underestimate their importance to avoid safety problems.

Get a glimpse of rollers options

There are two things you must take into consideration when you buy rollers for garage doors. You need to get the right size and the best possible material. Your choice should be primarily on the weight of the door. There should be a sticker somewhere on the door stating the weight of your door or you will need to consult the manual. You must purchase rollers accordingly since they come in different sizes. The good news is that there are more or less some standard sizes but you will need to measure the diameter of the roller and the length of the stem.

Rollers come in different materials with plain steel ones being the simplest and cheapest of all. Though, these ones will erode very easy and eventually will be very noisy when they slide in the garage door tracks. Some are made by nylon but these are not recommended because they are more expensive and wear sooner. It's best to choose zinc platted rollers or stainless ones because these ones will last longer since they won't erode. If you live in high-humidity region, choosing galvanized rollers will be wise to avoid replacement and garage door repairs. The best option is getting rollers with as many ball-bearings as possible because they are much stronger, they will last longer and make less noise.

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