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The Most Peculiar Opener Problems

11/29/2014 Back To Blog

If you thought you've seen it all, you are mistaken. There are always new things we hear about. Even worse, we have new experiences often, and that makes us wonder what else is there to learn! The truth is that when it comes to electric garage door opener problems, every one of them is pretty serious. Some might just make our lives difficult but some others might play with our safety. The best way to deal with issues is garage door opener maintenance. If there is a sudden problem, the best cure is immediate repair. Though, some problems are just odd, peculiar or funny and regardless of the extent of their seriousness, they do attract our attention.

Who's playing with the opener?

The Most Peculiar Opener ProblemsSome problems make us think that there is something very seriously wrong with the garage door opener. When it comes to this significant electric system, all homeowners and especially parents tremble at the idea that something can jeopardize their safety. One of the worst but also funny things is to see the overhead door reversing. You press the clicker to close the door and the door seems to approach the floor when it suddenly decides to go up again.

It happens often and it's usually the fault of the reversing system.

The sensors get a false alarm that something is under the door, and reverses it. So, until you have the problem fixed just keep pressing the wall button for a few minutes. This way, you surpass the reverse system and the door will close. Of course, it won't hurt to look if there is indeed something on the floor.

The most annoying thing is to have light that won't turn off. Well, remember that lights are usually set to stay on for about four minutes but you can reset the time from the receiver logic board at the opener unit. Consider another option, too. If the door is still open, the lights righteously remain on. If you come and go in and out of the garage carrying things, for example, your movements are seen by the photo eyes and the lights won't turn off. It might seem as if there's something wrong but it's not. So, relax you don't need garage door repairs. Your safety system just takes care of you.

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